Invisalign®: Get Straight Teeth Without a Mouthful of Metal

Straight teeth benefit your oral health and personal confidence in many ways. If you want to straighten your teeth without th

The benefits of a straighter smile reach from improved dental health to a boost in self-confidence. When your teeth align correctly without gaps or tight corners, cleanings become more effective at preventing tooth decay or gum disease, and it's easier to assess any potential problems. A straightened smile can also benefit your personal life, increasing your confidence and sociability.

The stories about the drawbacks of metal braces are legendary – a mouthful of metal doesn't sound like a good time. With clear alignment systems like Invisalign®, you can gradually straighten your smile over the course of weeks or months. The revolutionary clear alignment trays almost completely disappear to the eye when you put them in, and you can take your trays out whenever you need to do so, which lets you eat and drink whatever you want. At Popper Dental of New York City, on New York's Upper East Side, our care team can help you get started on straightening your smile without the hassle of complicated orthodontia.

Invisible treatment

Metal braces mean visible orthodontia during the period of your treatment. Your Invisalign straightening trays are almost completely invisible once you put them in your mouth. For best results, you should wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours each day. However, the people around you may not even realize you're using a straightening system.

When you begin the process, we take a detailed 3D scan of your teeth. We use this as the basis for your custom aligner trays, which are molded from an exclusive patented thermoplastic material called SmartTrack®.

In order to keep your trays clear, it's important to take correct care of them. Don't wash your trays with soaps containing colored dyes, and take your trays out whenever you eat or drink to prevent stains from forming. Invisalign offers a range of products to help you safely store and clean your trays.

Gradual progress

With Invisalign, you don't have to deal with permanent orthodontia, cutting down on your need for frequent office visits. Typically, patients only need check-ups every six to eight weeks.

The trays come in a sequence that gradually shift your teeth into correct alignment. After you've worn one set of trays for a week or two, your bite will be ready for the next set in the sequence. We give most patients a few sets of aligners at a time, so that you can exercise relative independence as your treatment progresses.

To learn more about Invisalign and find out if a clear aligner system could benefit your smile, schedule an initial consultation appointment with a member of the Popper Dental care team (Jason P. Popper, DDS; Marlisa J Popper, DDS; Howard A. Popper, DDS) today. You can make your appointment at our Upper East Side office over the phone or by using the online booking tool.

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