What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns may be the unsung heroes of dentistry. They solve a great many dental issues and are long-lasting, and dental professionals have perfected the fitting and placement procedures wonderfully. 

At Popper Dental on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the family team of Dr. Marlisa Popper, Dr. Jason Popper, and Dr. Howard Popper offer education about diverse treatments within the full spectrum of dental, periodontal, and prosthodontic approaches to end pain and discomfort, and make your smile healthy and beautiful. 

What’s a dental crown?

A dental crown is really a prosthesis that, when fitted and placed expertly, looks and functions exactly like a natural tooth. This cap that’s visible above the gumline can serve multiple functional purposes, as well as restore the cosmetic integrity of your teeth. 

We use a variety of materials for crowns, including ceramic, porcelain, gold, and a fusion of porcelain to metal. We help you choose the appropriate material so it fits both your needs and budget. 

Crowns are an all-around versatile tool in dentistry, and can be highly customized to serve a patient’s needs. 

The many advantages crowns offer

Crowns not only cover a multitude of sins, they rectify dental issues that emerge due to wear-and-tear on your teeth, injury, and decay-related problems. We turn to crowns to:

This list illustrates why a crown is dentistry’s ultimate multitasker, whether your needs are purely dental, solely cosmetic, or both. 

Getting a crown is a simple, comfortable, and seamless process

At Popper Dental, a crown procedure involves two office visits, with the first one focusing on getting your tooth ready for crown placement. We administer local anesthetic so you experience no pain, and remove a bit of your tooth’s enamel so that it can accommodate the crown. 

If the tooth getting a crown is extremely damaged or worn away, we can build it up to create an ideal canvas on which to place your crown. 

We then take an impression of your mouth so that our lab can craft the crown to match your smile’s exact specifications. This ensures that once we place your crown, you experience no bite problems and it feels just like your natural tooth.

During the time that your crown is being made, you wear a temporary crown that we affix to your tooth. After your permanent crown arrives at our office, you visit us again so we can swap out your temporary crown with your permanent one and make sure everything looks and feels right. 

This visit is brief and once you leave, you can resume your day with zero side effects from the procedure. 

The additional pluses of getting a crown

In addition to addressing so many dental issues and offering a no-stress treatment experience, crowns provide durability; with proper care, they can last up to 15 years. You treat a crown just as you would your other teeth in terms of brushing, flossing, and practicing good oral hygiene. 

Call our New York City office to schedule a crown consultation, or use our convenient online booking tool.

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