Why Choose Dental Implants over Veneers?

Why Choose Dental Implants over Veneers?

We’re lucky, because there have never been more choices for correcting dental issues or making your smile more beautiful. You may wonder about whether two popular options — dental implants and veneers — are right for you, and which treatment would serve you better.

In New York City, the Popper Dental team is dedicated to creating customized treatment plans, so you can have a smile that’s healthy, stable, and beautiful. Our services range from routine dental care to more complex restorative procedures.

Dental implants vs. veneers

Veneers are custom-made, wafer-thin coatings placed on the surface of your teeth, while a dental implant is surgically placed in your gum and acts as your new tooth’s root. 

A dental implant is the proper choice if you’re missing one or more teeth, because implants actually fill the gaps. Failing to replace missing teeth can result in:

Veneers, on the other hand, would be more appropriate if you need to:

In short, if you have part of your natural tooth remaining, a veneer may be the right choice for you, whereas if you’ve suffered total tooth loss, a dental implant might be the better option. 

The dental implant process

With dental implants, your dentist places a titanium implant that actually fuses with your jawbone. After you heal from this part of the procedure, your dentist installs an abutment that supports your dental restoration, which may be a denture, crown, or bridge. 

The procedure requires several visits, but we ensure your comfort throughout. 

An implant is a solid, supported structure in your mouth that offers a permanent solution to missing teeth. We use Nobel Biocare™ brand implants, which are a trusted industry standard. 

The veneer process

With veneers, your natural tooth — or what remains of it — is prepared to receive the porcelain or resin veneer. Your tooth’s surface must be “roughed up,” and some of the enamel is removed. This allows the veneer to adhere to it.

Impressions of your teeth are taken, and your veneers are modeled after these. The shells match the shade of your teeth and are realistic looking. 

At your next visit, your dentist applies your veneers. A local anesthetic is typically used to ensure your comfort. Veneers can improve your smile for the long term. 

Reasons to choose a dental implant

A dental implant is highly stable and serves as the best simulation for your missing tooth, whereas dental veneers are more of a cosmetic solution.

The advantages of implants include durability and the fact that they stimulate your jawbone and prevent bone loss. Dental implants provide you with complete teeth that function like real teeth.

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