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Tooth decay needs to be treated as soon as possible or else it can worsen and cause further complications for the tooth, including toothache, dental infection and the eventual development of tooth abscess that can lead to the need for extraction.

We invite you to learn more about how an infected tooth can be saved from extraction by the process of root canal treatment.

The first step of treatment is to determine how severe the tooth damage has become by using dental X-rays and an oral exam to view the dental infection and look for signs of tooth abscess deep in the gums. To repair the tooth, we remove the affected parts of the tooth enamel and clear the tooth chamber of the pulp, replacing it with a rubbery substances called gutta-percha. The remaining tooth structure is used to provide the future dental crown with a strong anchor.

A detailed impression is taken of the prepared tooth, which is then covered and protected with a temporary dental crown. The impression is send to a dental lab that will custom make the final dental crown that will be placed in your smile during the second appointment. Once the new crown is in place, the root canal procedure is complete.

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