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Tooth extraction is often the unfortunate result of a severe dental trauma or untreated cavity that compromised a significant amount of healthy dental structure. This is a treatment of last resort that is designed to prevent serious complications and a potentially dangerous infection.

Once our dentists extract the tooth, they will provide you with any necessary prescriptions for pain medication, or antibiotics. This can help alleviate further pain and deal with any latent infection.

Providing your gums with sufficient aftercare will help further minimize your chances of suffering undue complications.

The incision site might bleed a little for a few days after our dentist sutures the gums. If needed, you can lightly bite down on a piece of sterile gauze. The light pressure will gradually cause the bleeding to abate. You can then lightly rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water to clear away any stray blood.

It would also be wise to try not to chew food on that side of your mouth while your gums are healing. You also shouldn’t drink through a straw as the suction could pull a blood clot loose.

After your gums have fully recovered we can help you understand the dental restorations available. This might call for installing a dental implant and dental crown into the remaining void or fitting you for a standard dental bridge.  

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