We are pleased to be one of the first offices on Long Island to be equipped with Piezosurgery® technology. The proven and time-tested equipment was introduced in 1997, and has had 20 years to become progressively improved and efficient. Professor Tomaso Vercellotti branded this technology in 1999 as the brand name that is now registered worldwide. Many studies have been published since, to show the valuable assistance that Piezosurgery provides in many oral surgeries.

The advantages of Piezosurgery equipment are so beneficial that it has grown to be a standard for advanced and accurate oral surgery. In short, Drs. Howard Popper and Jason Popper use this device and its features to increase the success and safety of their procedures. The low-frequency, ultrasonic vibrations allow for more precise and less traumatic surgeries–something all patients should receive.

The handpiece of this device has an LED light that increases visibility for our specialists and results in a much smoother procedure for our patients. We are proud to offer our patients at Popper Dental the advancements of Piezosurgery in Manhattan, New York, as it has a profound history of success. Please call our office at 212-396-8182 to learn more about this equipment and from our caring dentists.