Our office is comprised of highly trained professionals who can offer our patients a truly rewarding experience. Our family-run dental office has two locations to further accommodate the schedules and locations of every individual we treat. Furthermore, it is our goal at Popper Dental to ensure that with our comprehensive treatment plans, you attain your healthiest smile.

One of the services our dentists, Drs. Howard Popper, Jason Popper, and Marlisa Popper, are pleased to provide is a same day smile. Depending on the needs and goals the patient has for their smile, we are confident you can lea our office with a new, beautiful, and healthy smile in just one day. There are a few ways in which our unique team can provide same-day dentistry:

  • One-Day Crowns: patients no longer have to endure the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown and can live with a functional and aesthetic dental restoration
  • Teeth-In-An-Hour®: Nobel Dental Implants® is known for their production of Teeth-In-An-Hour
  • E4D technology and restorations: we invite you to ask our dentists about the advancements of E4D technologies and restorations
  • Same-day dentures and implants: individuals may be able to receive same-day dentures or implants depending on bone density

We invite you to call 212-396-8182 for information about our dentistry in Manhattan, New York.